Fair Play: The way to play the game

By Editor | March 19th, 2012 1 Comment

By Simone Poliandri

It is always a surprising pleasure to witness episodes of fair play on the football pitch. What should be the norm rather than the exception entails placing a higher value on honesty than on winning a game or scoring a goal. This is exactly what midfielder Vittorio Esposito of Termoli Calcio did in the Italian National Amateur Cup quarterfinal return match against Torres. After being unjustly awarded a penalty kick, Esposito missed it intentionally, thus earning the opponents’ respectful cheers as well as those of all footballers and lovers of the sport. For the record, Termoli won the game 1-0 and advanced to the semifinals on a 3-2 aggregate.

As we still witness countless unsportsmanlike episodes like diving and faking injuries among professionals in all leagues and international competitions, Esposito’s gesture represents both a breath of fresh air and an example that many of his more famous and better paid colleagues ought to emulate. Way to go Vittorio!


1 Comment

Skeptic FC

March 20th, 2012 | 6:58 am    

Nice gesture indeed BUT I was thinking about two things:

(1) Esposito is also the one who went down on the non-existent foul so should he have told the ref that he deserved a yellow for diving?

(2) The incident happened in the 94th minute and Termoli (up 1-0) was sure of advancing to the next round. Would Esposito have done the same if the score had been 0-0?

In any case, a positive story. Thanks Simo.

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