Your Uruguay Starter for Ten

By David Patrick Lane | December 4th, 2009 No Comments


URUGUAY has 4 Stars on their shirts because…(“BUZZ…Jesus, Jones College, Cambridge”) because…Uruguay have been World Champions on 4 occasions: 1924, 1928, 1930 and 1950. The Gold Medalists of Paris and Amsterdam were recognized as World Champions by FIFA.

Uruguay has never played a fixture against 5 of the 2010 World Cup qualifiers. They are: Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, Greece, and Nigeria. It is possible for Uruguay to play against Greece and or North Korea in the 1st Round in South Africa for the first time. Los Charrúas will have to wait until the later rounds to get its claws into the Lions Indomptables, Les Éléphants and or the Super Eagles…Garra Charrúa!!!

Uruguay has beaten Argentina on 54 occasions, including the 1930 World Cup Final.

Uruguay has scored more goals against Argentina than any other qualifier. 213. Count them. Más goles! Menos culata tranplantes!

Uruguay has beaten Brazil on 20 occasions, including the final fixture of the 1950 World Cup Final. Uruguay’s victory ensured they lifted the World Cup in Brazil.

Uruguay is ranked 19th by FIFA, but is ranked 10th by Nate Silver, he of Soccer Power Index fame.

Uruguay has never beaten Algeria, Denmark, Germany, Honduras, Portugal, or Spain. Uruguay could face three of those nations in the first round.

Germany, Honduras, Uruguay and Portugal could be El Otro Grupo de la Muerte!

Slovenia is the smallest nation to qualify for a World Cup. Uruguay is the smallest to win a World Cup!

Uruguay has a one in three chance of facing hosts South Africa in the 1st Round.

Does Uruguay want to play the hosts? Probably. Of the other seeded nations, Uruguay only has a winning record against England.

Uruguay has played England on 10 occasions, winning 4, drawing 3.

Uruguay has played Germany on 8 occasions, losing 6, drawing 2.

Uruguay has played Italy on 6 occasions, winning 1, losing 2, drawing 3.

Uruguay has played the Netherlands on 2 occasions, winning 1, losing 1.

Uruguay has played Spain on 8 occasions, losing 2, drawing 5.

Uruguay fear no one. Uruguay has a reputation for thuggish tackling and extracurricular trickery. The post-dictatorial generation were the most accomplished violators, yet the “Dossier on Uruguay” remains stuck on 1970s and 1980s stereotypes. Uruguay deserves to have that recycled and tired tag torn from the narrative. South African will provide Uruguay with that opportunity.

Uruguay can win the World Cup. All Uruguayans believe Uruguay can win the World Cup. Winning the World Cup is a Uruguayan state of mind. It is this belief that gives Uruguay the edge over other qualifiers.



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