How a “Nutmeg” found its way into Football

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Why I won’t be using the term NUTMEG in football again. Wiki dispels the notion the term derives from the never present Tony Nutmeg of Leeds United, and in citing Brain Granville and other football scholars suggest the term probably came from nutmeg export business where unscrupulous traders slipped wooden replicas into sacks and barrels. But like Roy Hodgson’s Apartheid years (also recently missing from Wiki and currently being airbrushed from history by the BBC and others) the most likely origin of the term and how it slipped into the football narrative comes from the Transatlantic Slave Trade.


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Ahora se vienen ellas! Now they are coming! Uruguay U17s

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The Brzeziner Sports Club

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Holocaust Memorial Day — a day to remember those who soon after never played or saw another football match.

“It is overtaken by the center forward who gives it, blitz-shnel, over to the right wing. He carries it all the way to the corner, centers it, and, with the power of a bomb, it is driven into the opponent’s net. A wild, triumphant shout rips out of hundreds of breasts. The match is really lost, but our honor is rescued.

The sun has finally gone down behind the meadows when the dense masses reach Nowe Miasto. A cool evening breeze caresses and cools the agitated crowd. The church bells have rung. Through the windows that blaze in shining purple from the setting sun is heard the sweetly sung nign of “God of Abraham”, a woman’s prayer marking the end of the Sabbath.

By the time the crowd reaches the marketplace, the first stars are already twinkling. Some go home, a number go to daven, the weekly mayrev; others go to the bar at Szotenberg’s, where, with a glass of beer or tea, they soberly analyze the lost match.”

Excerpt by Abe Rosenberg.

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Luis Suarez kicks it with the Kids in Kimberley

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Luis Suarez has been banned for 8 games in the English Premier League for the alleged racist abuse of Patrice Evra. The nature of the exchange between Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra has not yet been disclosed. Luis Suarez is appealing. Here is a brief reminder of a less well known contribution Luis Suarez made to the World Cup in South Africa. A post on Luis Suarez will follow once details of the accusation against Suarez have been released by the English FA.

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The Women of Fenerbahçe

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Another uplifting football moment courtesy of the women who play, officiate and support the game.

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Playing a Fine Motherwell…Again

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Motherwell, the Scottish Football Club who introduced a sophisticated passing game and a collective team approach to spectators in South Africa, are once again at the forefront of the game’s development. This time Motherwell are showing how to tackle the hooligans that hang out in far too many board rooms.

According to a report by Gavin McCafferty in today’s “Scotsman“, Motherwell plan to bring two fans on to their board as a first step towards the aim of making the club owned wholly by supporters. There will be a £300 one-off fee, with a voluntarily annual fee of £50 thereafter to retain benefits. More wealthy supporters and businesses can pay up to £25,000 to join, with added benefits, but each member will have one vote. The members will vote representatives on to the club’s board, initially two, but chief executive Leeann Dempster yesterday revealed the end game was full ownership and total democracy in running the Lanarkshire club.

About 300 fans turned up at an open meeting on Monday and Dempster was encouraged by the general feedback from supporters. “They can contribute to the financial security of the club,” Dempster said. “This is the first time they have the opportunity to be properly involved. I think that’s what excites people the most – the thought of being able to nominate or be nominated to be on the board. Two members of the society will be on the board. They will enact the wants of the other members. “We want to get to a stage where that will develop further and more members will come on to the board. Hopefully to a point where, once it’s clear that the model is working, we can transition full ownership of the club over to the society. You can’t go from a model of having one benefactor on the board to the next day having supporters running the club. That would cause enormous problems. So we’re not naive enough to think you can just do that and forget about it.”

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Rebels 1 Mambas 0

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The Catenaccio was deployed in Maputo the last time Libya played Moçambique. Green shirts, green shorts, green socks all stacked up against the Mambas. Smoke from the said SMS revolution had barely cleared when Libya sneaked away from Estádio da Machava with a 0-0 draw. Last night in neutral Cairo, Libya also remembered to score.

Rebels 1 Mambas 0. It must have been that sexy new kit.

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